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I’d like to think that my non-posting habit is related to being hardworking and busy, but it’s not – I’m lazy and tired and prioritising going to the gym over writing. Going to the gym has to be done, of course, but I have to THINK OF MY CAREER!!`!!1! In the meantime, here’s some interesting public-sector related links.

Public Sector Blog

Google’s official Public Sector Blog discusses tools for both election campaigns and public administration. This post on Web Analytics emphasises the importance of asking the right questions of your website visitors and making it easy for them to give feedback.

The Public Administration Collective

A collective of public policy blogs from the UK and US, ranging from news and opinion to management theory.


A blog of politics and policy by a Masters student at Holy Angel University in the Philippines. Some of it’s a bit dense and clearly entry-level, but that may be exactly what you need.

Whitehall Watch

British politics and civil service blog by a Professor of Public Policy & Management at the Manchester Business School. His area of interest is in performance measurement (we call it evaluation out here in the boonies), so be warned, may not be suitable for beginners. I actually think meaningful performance measurement is of paramount importance, but jebus it’s boring.


The newsletter of the Institute of Public Governance & Management at Ramon Llull University in Barcelona. I’ve linked to the English version, but it’s also available in Catalan. I have to admit to being particularly intrigued by the suggestion that “[t]he willingness of public sector workers and managers to accept lower pay in return for … a more meaningful or enjoyable job translates into lower returns on talent in the public sector compared to the private sector.”

Undercover Economist

I’m not an economist. I work in an economic development agency. IT HURRRRRRRRTS. This blog is less painful than economics usually is.

Charting Transport

Are you a graph nerd? Close the door for some furtive one-handed browsing of this impressive collection of visual analysis of just about everything in public transport in Australia – demand growth, drivers of use, fare structures, travel data… talk nerdy to me!


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Are You Happy?

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I Am Public Service

“The mission of “I Am Public Service” is to inform US citizens about the success stories of public sector personnel and to inspire the next generation of public servants. We achieve this mission by highlighting and honoring people who have dedicated their careers to leaving a legacy of effective and efficient government.”

I think describing IT and human resources staff as “nothing short of heroic” is a tad exaggerated, but it’s good to see the pubes taking pride in their work. This is quite new, so there’s not a lot of content – if you’re a US public servant drop by and give you and yours a big-up.

Understanding Government

Subtitled “Better Government through Better Reporting”, or as they say to us at work, “Would you want to see something you’d written on the front page of the Deutscher Scheissekopf?” [insert correct name of daily yellow rag of your choice]

Spaghetti Testing (Canada)

Nifty looking public service blog by a communications specialist in Ottawa examining the possibilities for “web 2.0” (but come on, we’ve gotta be up to at least web 2.8 by now).


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